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Great Summer Camps for Your Children

More than 7 million kids go camping and all this is overseen by American Camp Association(ACA) who have employed about 320,000 for this task. The average 4-week summer camp program will set you back $2,500 and this is a lot of money to pay for the wrong cause. There are some amazing choices you can go with. These camps can give your child an opportunity to be outdoors much more and also ensure they catch up on school work they are lagging behind on. If you want the children to have a memorable summer then you have to consider these summer camps. Space camp is one of the camps you have to know about. It is at the US Space and Rocket Center. It is a 6-day overnight camp and it admits children of all ages. There is space camp for children aged nine through 11 and space academy for those aged 12 through 14. There is an adult space camp for people who are over eighteen years while teenagers between 15 and 18 years will go for advanced space academy. The attendants will be enlightened on science and technology as well as engineering and mathematics. Children will be allowed to sit on gravity chairs while they are given talks by astronauts. Apart from the kids talking about space exploration, they also experience simulated trips to space.

Another type of summer camps you should be thinking about is wilderness and summer camps. These summer camps may be scout camps not to forget service organization camps. If your kid is a scout, this camp will earn him or her a badge. Even if your kid is not in any clubs there is no reason to panic because there are dozens of them in a service organization that will allow him or her to be a part of such a summer camp. You may also send your children to thrill coaster tours which last about 2 weeks. The children do tours of amusement tours where there is a wide variety of thrilling roller coaster. The campers will also have an opportunity to visit water parks, do white-water rafting and also play baseball games. If your child is a thrill seeker then this is the best summer camp for them him or her. If your children have a lot of energy and love adventure then there are summer camps that cater to that. The manner in which the young adventurists will be able to explore the outdoor scenes will be unique and it guarantees great adventure. It can be survival, rock climbing, fishing, caving or backpacking. You can discover more about the various summer camps here.