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10 Unbelievable World Facts You Should Know By Now

Everybody loves to hear a trivia and some random facts because it amazes their minds and make them think that there’s a whole lot more for them to know of. If you are the type of person who constantly use a trivia or two when you converse with friends, this website is definitely for you because here, we will provide you with some cool facts to impress your friends with.

Here are some of the unbelievable facts that you must learn of.

1. There are more people in California than all of Canada

When it comes to area, Canada is a whole lot bigger than California but when it comes to population, the latter has more people than the former! If you’ve been to California, it will all make sense because after all, it’s cities and towns are more densely populated including the beautiful San Diego, San Francisco as well as the sunny Los Angeles. If you wish to know more about Canada and California, read more here!

2. Canada is a home to lots of frozen natural lakes

Even though there are less people in Canada, it is also reach in wonderful natural resource such as lakes. This fact is hard to believe because more of these lakes are all covered in ice for a majority of time and even all year long for Tundra area.

3. Is Alaska westernmost or easternmost state?

Most people think that Alaska is the westernmost state and we have no problem with that but how can it be easternmost at the same time? Part of Alaska is actually in the eastern hemisphere, according to lines of longitude and latitude so if you look at it in the globe, is westernmost but if you lay it flat in a map, it also makes it southernmost at the same time.

4. Do you think the moon is big? Oh no honey, Australia is wider!

Some people think we never really made it to the moon but the truth is, those astronauts actually did and as a matter of fact, Australia is way wider than it. Click here to know more about Australia.

5. The Entire Mount Everest can fit in the Montana’s Trench

It can be pretty unbelievable for some but do you know that if you dunk Mount Everest in the Montana’s Trench like how you dunk a cookie in a glass of Milk, it just fits perfectly?

6. The mountain that’s closer to space is Mount Chimborazo

Many people would argue to this because they think that Mount Everest is taller than Mount Chimborazo but if you come to think of it, the height doesn’t really matter because even if Mount Chimborazo is shorter, it’s placement makes it closer to space than any other mountain there is and that includes Mount Everest. To know more interesting facts about Mount Everest, click here.

7. Mexico has the biggest Pyramid in the world

Now this is so hard to guess because who would’ve thought there are pyramids in Mexico but if you check again, you will really see that the biggest pyramids in Egypt is nothing compared to the large pyramid like structures of the ancient Mayans and Aztecs. Click here to discover more about these Mayan and Aztec pyramids now!

8. Many buildings in Manhattan have their own zip codes

Manhattan in too densely populated that in order to provide a better system in sending mail, most buildings have their own zip codes. Click for more information about these buildings with different zip codes.

9. 2 time zones? Russia has 11!

If you live in Florida and you have to call a family member, you may have to adjust with the different time zones but if you live in Russia and call another relative in Russia, you might be careful with coordinating 11 time zones. To know more about these various time zones, click here for more info.

10. China actually borders not 5, not 10 but 14 Countries

We cannot deny the fact that some countries my share boarders with 3 to 5 countries but since China is so huge, it actually shares boarders with 14 other countries! Click here for more fun fact about China and its 14 neighboring countries.